A six day writers retreat in the mountains of Tuscany.

September 10-16, 2017.

Take time to rest, to dream, to try.

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The Art of Writing, A writers retreat in Tuscany

The Art of Writing is a writers retreat in Tuscany run by Italian resident, author and journalist Lisa Clifford. Whether you simply need time away from home to work out an idea, are an emerging or established writer, our one week retreats are tailor made for you. All we ask is that you love writing.  

This six night writers retreat is open to all levels and all genres. Please don’t think you have to come to us with a work in progress. Sometimes we need time away to dream, plot, learn and grow. We want to help you write your story even if it is, for now,  the germ of an idea.

Nurture and Replenish Your Writing Skills

September 10-16, 2017

Martha Ashby, HarperCollins UK Director of Women’s Fiction is our special In-house guest for our Nurture and Replenish Retreat. This is an extraordinary opportunity for our writers to chat informally with one of the UK’s most influential publishers.  

We feel more than ever that creatives need time away from their day to day environments to kick-start wonderful writing. Sometimes our routines, together with the demands of our families and the distractions of technology can entirely disconnect us from our writing goals, dreams and deadlines. Completely immersing yourself in a community and environment that nurtures your writing skills always stimulates some of your best work. Learning, practising, sharing, and listening to new ideas inspires your finest writing. That’s our aim for you in the second week of September – to nurture and replenish you and your written work so that you produce your best work ever. 

The Art of Writing offers morning lectures on writing and afternoon individual coaching sessions. Our aim is to nurture you, your writing skills and your project. We want to inspire you to write more and teach you how to improve, without feeling intimidated. 

Workshops discuss:

  • Writing from a sense of place
  • Character development
  • Structure and drafting
  • Memoirs and research; collecting, collating and recounting stories
  • Point of view and dialogue
  • Daily evening aperitivo with literary interviews and discussions

You’ll stay in your own private apartment complete with living room, worktable and Wi-Fi inside and on your own terrace. You may like to share your apartment with a friend and that will reduce your cost. Visit the Price page for more information on costs and sharing apartments.

The Art of Writing, A writers retreat in Tuscany

Our price for our writers retreat includes tuition, transport to Casentino, six nights accommodation, and breakfast, lunch, dinner plus morning and afternoon coffee/tea breaks at Borgo a Caiano. The Art of Writing also includes an afternoon tour of the local area, a unique and undiscovered part of Tuscany. We’ll finish at Lorenzo Cipriani’s farm where you’ll make ricotta and pecorino before tasting Tuscany’s cheeses and salame.

Full Price: 1,650 Euro

Praise for past retreats (be sure to visit our Testimonials Page for our gallery photos of our retreats!):

‘I’ll always remember Lisa’s cluster board. It’s the light bulb moment and I find it enormously helpful the moment I utilise this prompt. It opens up with so much possibilities and steer me in much more dimensions and directions than I had before… Conrad provided tools to open up emotion to give/highlight individual characteristics of personalities to my story which I overlooked before. Morag was most encouraging. She gave valuable advice on presentation and layout of stories… I have benefited so much. Now, I have guidelines and tools to work with. Not only would I recommend friends, I can’t wait to enrol on the next course.’

— Betty Lee, Sydney, Australia

‘Thank you so much for an amazing opportunity! I’ve loved it!’

— Rachel Weissenstein, Houston, USA

‘Thank you so much. My experience exceeded my expectations — a rare experience these days.’
— Shirley Fletcher, Lake Cathie, Australia

‘Superb. Brilliant. Encouraging. Motivating.’

— Michelle McNiff, USA

‘I enjoyed the variety. And I feel that the instructors were very generous and open with their methods and suggestions… It was also a great experience to be in an intimate and friendly setting with other writers. Inspiring!’

— Donna Stadler, California, USA

‘Excellent and the camaraderie among participants was great and the sharing was generous. Wonderful combination of relaxation, inspiration and rejuvenation. I’ll always remember the wonderful feeling when people gave encouragement about my My Italian Destiny.’

— Lynn Kirkland, New Zealand

‘This course was an astonishing experience. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Do it!’

— Andrea Burns

‘The teachers were very insightful and educated in various parts of the business, from the writing process to getting out there.’
— Nsikan Akpan

‘The teaching was excellent, insightful and, I hope, life-changing.’
— Diane Dewey

‘The teachers were dedicated, well-prepared and knowledgable.’
— Susie Stenmark

‘Jim is such a wonderful and inspiring teacher. He is pushing some of the class into unknown territory. The classes have been well constructed and with a clear and definite aim.’
— Henrietta

‘Extremely valuable. I learnt so many skills and exercises to develop my writing. I found the one-on-one helpful and inspiring. Now I have a priceless reading list of writers in my genre and style. A mind-expanding week with inspiring creative company.’
— Margaret

‘Loved everything about the week. Fabulous workshops, a great venue and food. The bonus was being around such a fascinating group of very lovely individuals. What a high. Hopefully I’ll come back to another Art of Writing, maybe 2016 when I have a few ‘chapters’, or whatever they are, under my belt.’

— Monica Watson-Peck

‘A HUGE thank you for what you have created with The Art Of Writing. Last week had such an impact on all of us, I don’t think anyone anticipated the quality of the teaching and the amount of valuable lessons we would get through in such a short time. You have a fabulous team behind you and all it offered was just amazing and beautifully done.’
— Rose Gilder

‘The quality of tutelage was stellar. Each contributed with their own experience and area of expertise. I’m so happy to have kickstarted my writing journey with this course. Thank you for creating an inspiring, creative and safe haven for like-minded people.’
— Sansa

‘Everything was absolutely perfect: better than I had expected. Jim, Emma and Lisa were fantastic. I feel I benefited greatly from my week.’
— Orna

‘Our workshop was magical. Thank you hardly seems adequate for such a life-changing experience.’
— Kate Anders

‘This is a wonderfully tranquil site and conducive to camaraderie and inspiration!’
— Anne Patricia Rahman

‘The week exceeded my expectations. Loved it!’
— Christine Harris

‘This has been one of the most practical courses I’ve attended for writers – including Oxford, ACFW Phoenix and others. I found what I needed to transition from YA fiction to writing for adult women.’
— Elaine Fraser

‘So enjoyed: the overall structure of the retreat, particularly the combination of workshops and writing time; numerous tutors available for chats and consultation; positive relationships between these tutors which set a joyful, supportive and creative tone for the group; setting and accommodation. Jim is a champion, Emma brilliant and Lisa the master conductor.’
— Suzanne

‘Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I can now say “I am a writer”!’
— Judith Morris

‘Fully packed, comprehensive and fun.’
— Fred Orr

‘Your generosity, careful planning and attention to everyone created a cocoon for us. I’ve felt comfortable, challenged and have had time to write in picturesque solitude. There’s nothing I can think of to make these memorable days better.’
— Anne

‘The choice of lecturers/tutors: fantastic…ALL!’
— Susie