Conrad Williams

“Whenever I get back from any kind of writing event – a convention, a retreat, a class – I feel creatively inspired and energised, like a rechargeable battery flooded with power. Any pessimism melts away. Talking about ideas and processes with like minds is the best kind of writing ‘therapy’ I know.”

Conrad Williams is the author of the novels Head Injuries, London Revenant, The Unblemished, One, Decay Inevitable, Loss of SeparationDust and Desire and Sonata of the Dead. He has also written four novellas and over 100 short stories, some of which are collected in Use Once Then Destroy and Born With Teeth.

In addition to his International Horror Guild Award for his novel The Unblemished, he is a triple recipient of the British Fantasy Award, including Best Novel for One. His debut anthology, Gutshot, was shortlisted at both the British Fantasy and World Fantasy Awards. He has also been a finalist for the Shirley Jackson award on four occasions.

He has been a story consultant for Sony Computer Entertainment America and is a creative writing lecturer for Edge Hill University. He is currently working on the third in his crime thriller series for Titan Books, Hell is Empty. A new anthology, Dead Letters, has just been published by Titan. His most recent book Sonata of the Dead was published July 5, 2016.

Conrad lives in Manchester with his wife, three sons and a big Maine Coon.

Follow Conrad on Twitter @salavaria.


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