April Eberhardt

“A successful story is told in a unique and compelling way that enlightens and entertains readers. I love helping authors write the very best story they can and to stay motivated through the inevitable ups and downs to keep writing and refining!”

After 25 years as a corporate strategist and consultant, April Eberhardt joined the literary world where she saw a strategic opportunity to play a role in the changing world of publishing. A self-described “literary change agent,” April advises and assists authors worldwide as they choose the best pathway to publication for their work be it indie or traditional, digital or print. She serves as an industry advocate for establishing quality standards for non-traditionally published work to increase the acceptance and success of independent publishing.

April works frequently with authors to critique and hone their manuscripts prior to submission or publication. She describes her approach as “kind but clear” with an eye toward commercial success. “There’s the sheer enjoyment of the writing from the author’s viewpoint,” she says, “and then there’s the expectation readers have for a sharp, compelling story. My objective is to help authors achieve both. I focus on identifying and underscoring the strengths that each author has, while at the same time finding ways to keep the story lean and taut with strong reader appeal.” Above all, she says, she wants to “encourage each author’s momentum and sense of satisfaction with the process and result. We want you to keep writing!”

In addition to her roles as agent and consultant, April serves as a reader for the Best American Short Stories series published annually by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. She divides her time between San Francisco, New York and Paris.

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