The perfect Christmas gift for a writer.

What is the perfect Christmas gift for a writer? TIME TO WRITE.

Now I feel very strongly about this. If your children or partner or parents ask you what you’d like for Christmas, tell them you need time.

I love preparing the Christmas lunch for my family. But I don’t like getting caught up with all of the holiday lunches and dinners. And you know what it’s like in Italy – every day has two full-on meals. Lunch and dinner are three course meals and someone has to cook them. ME! So for Christmas, I’d like guilt free writing time. Somebody else can do lunch every day. Am happy to cook dinner (hint, hint – does anyone in my family actually read my Blogs?)

What is your chore? The job that someone could take from you, so that you can spend the day writing?

Ready submitCan you nip out to a café some mornings? Plot, dream, plan and write out of the house? Distraction free!

Take-away is looking good too.

Doesn’t anyone want to go to a movie? While you stay home and write?

Not to mention how much time the food shopping takes over the holidays. How about you pass that duty on to someone and you write?

As we say at The Art of Writing: I’ll just write for 30 minutes. Then before you know it, you’ve written for 2 hours – if you have TIME.

Good luck in grabbing, negotiating, being given time to write over the Silly Season. I wish you all good words.

PS: The above comes with a warning. Guilt-free asking for time can also be a psychological grapple for many of us writers.

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