Your novel from the inside out…

Your novel from the inside out...I am beyond excited to announce that acclaimed novelist, writer and journalist Shelley Weiner will be our creative writing teacher for our June 2019 retreat in Florence. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her expert guidance on how to unlock creativity and cultivate the novel within. In her own words, here is her goal for our June 2019 retreat. 

When I started out as a writer of fiction, I’d be infuriated by the throwaway comment, ‘Oh, everyone has a novel inside them.’ Holding back my irritation, I’d respond with icy calm: ‘A story maybe – we all have stories. But have you any idea of the midwifery – the skills – required to deliver that story? To nurture and refine it, and transform it into literature?’ That would stop them.

Your novel from the inside out...And it would stop me too. I was struck (and remain struck and intrigued to this day) by the complexity of the process of conception, construction and performance required in the creation of a robust novel. At the same time I was strangely reassured by the realisation – an ‘aha’ moment! – that yes, indeed, we’re all filled with stories, and that the creative spark can light on any single one. The fire that takes hold, the urgency of having something to say, is surprising and exciting – whether it’s on a high literary plane or no more lofty than a sense of bursting into a room with a piece of juicy gossip to impart.

Your novel from the inside out...It is this exhilaration, the sense of fullness from within, that I want to capture during my sessions at the Art of Writing. While teasing out the tales that we carry with us, I’ll offer the tools to shape them into the beginnings of a novel.

We’ll start with character – not only who, but why, and how. We’ll invent with freedom, with total disregard for what people may think (it’s a retreat, after all – the constraints of real life are distant and irrelevant here). We’ll allow our characters to talk, plausibly and pointedly. And, of course, being in glorious Florence, we’ll let them act and react within the setting – romantically? Murderously? In deepest mourning? It’s all possible – and liberating – and satisfying.

When writing students ask me whether I think they’ve ‘got it’ (talent – genius – the means to a multi-million publishing deal …?), I prevaricate, for the question is a difficult one and my answer can be impactful, one way or another. The ‘it’, I finally tell them, rests on curiosity about life, about human behaviour. Equally important is the tenacity, the grit, to see a project through, from start to finish. As for that publishing deal – since no one knows what the next big commercial flashpoint will be, it can be distracting and counterproductive to write for a perceived market.

Your novel from the inside out...The only way forward, then, is to embark on a piece of fiction from the inside out and to remain inside it for as long as possible. To invent, construct, and perform until that work is sufficiently realised and robust enough to survive outside your orbit.

The Art of Writing provides the perfect environment for this to begin to happen. Under my firm but sympathetic guidance and in the company of like- minded people who all care about literature, participants will discover what it is they want to say and be provided with the most effective tools with which to say it.

My aim – and what more fertile environment than Florence in June? – is to help nourish ideas that may have long been dormant so that they’re vigorous enough to survive. And to have the best kind of creative fun along the way.

Shelley Weiner, November 2018

Do you love writing? Would you like to join The Art of Writing team in Florence on June 2-6 2019? Let’s dream, plot, write, learn and grow as writers for a week together.  Email me at so that I can tell you more about our annual creative writing retreats.


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