The writing classes we can’t do without in our 2019 writer’s retreat.

The writing classes we can't do without in our 2019 writer's retreat.Starting your book? How can you keep it going? How is your narrative and dialogue? Your sense of place? How much does your first line matter? How important are your first five pages? These are all questions I’ve been mulling over – for YOU! What are the most important writing classes to cover over five nights and four days during our Florence retreat next June?

I adore learning how to create real characters – they’re what pull your readers’ emotions – but I also love learning about building a voice. Nowadays every agent I talk to goes on about ‘voice.’ It seems to be the fashionable word for publishers and agents right now. I mean, voice has always been important, but it seems to me ‘voice’ is the go-to word now for those actually buying or selling your work.

The writing classes we can't do without in our 2019 writer's retreat.
The Art of Writing June 2018 with Jane Corry

So, when planning 2019’s Art of Writing, how important are writing classes on suspense? Engaging your reader, so thatthey simply must turn the page? Vital, of course! It’s all essential: they’re all intertwined. So I am setting that class up too. Plus advice on how to build your social media platform. As well as more on narrative pace and momentum, along with the arc of your story.

It’s impossible to choose one focus over another. It’s all too important. So nothing will be left out. Next June 2-7 will have everything, as much as possible. All of it. Including leading literary agent Jeff Kleinman flying over from New York for our writers to pitch their ideas, plots, or books. It’s imperative you have the opportunity to sell your work, as well as improve it.

Suffice to say, all these writing classes are in. Sorry. You’ll be so tired you’ll be dragging yourself to the local piazza for wine or an espresso. Your brain will be so full of writing information you won’t be able to choose between lasagne or spaghetti carbonara. But you’ll be so inspired, your fingers will sing on the keyboard. Your pen will dance on the page.

That’s my dream. That you’ll be brimming with confidence. That nothing will stop you from doing what you love. Writing.

The writing classes we can't do without in our 2019 writer's retreat.

Do you love writing? Would you like to join The Art of Writing team in Florence, Tuscany? Let’s dream, plot, write, learn and grow as writers for a week together. Email me at so that I can tell you more about our annual creative writing retreats.

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