How to fall back in love with writing.

How to fall back in love with writing.It’s all too easy to feel burned out from writing when we’re struggling with deadlines and battling with an incomplete manuscript. The love of writing can so easily transform into a daily effort to get words on paper, where we wrestle with our muse and our creativity. 

It’s not easy rekindling your love for creating when the very thought of writing exhausts you, and you dread going to your desk. So how do you fall back in love with writing?

As one of my favourite creative teachers, Julia Cameron, says: ‘Do something for yourself that you normally wouldn’t do. In order to have a real relationship with our creativity we must take the time and care to cultivate it.’

How to fall back in love with writing. Elizabeth Gilbert, Big MagicSo nurture the artist within! It can be something as simple as an hour in a café, with a pen and paper, making a list of all the story ideas you want to write. Don’t worry about deadlines or time constraints, but do let your imagination wander and let yourself feel the throb and excitement of new ideas. Knowing that if you are a part of this Blog, you are a creative, here are some creative gift ideas to nurture your creativity and and help you fall back in love with writing:

Buy yourself a lovely new notebook, one that you always thought was too expensive for yourself.

Buy yourself some sweet little pot plants for your windowsill or garden.

How to fall back in love with writing. Elizabeth Gilbert, Big MagicGet those pots of rosemary, sage and basil – even if it’s just because they smell nice!

Buy some inexpensive water colours or sepia water colour pens and take the time to draw or paint some pages in your notebook, while you listen to your favourite music.

Get that special bottle of wine, special coffee or special tea – your favourite, not your child, mother or spouse’s favourite!

Buy a ticket to your favourite band, show, production or play.

Make or buy your favourite sauce, relish or jam.

How to fall back in love with writing. Toni MorrisonGo for a walk to your favourite museum or art gallery, or browse your favourite shop.

Make a date with yourself to go to some different flea markets or foreign food shop.

Read this blog on how photography can help you improve your writing, and this one on knowing when you and your writing need oxygen.

Buy at least one novel from a local bookstore (and spend a morning, afternoon, or whole day browsing books!).

This summer, stay cultured, stay calm and stay happy on the inside. Take breaks, and don’t be afraid to step away from your writing. Remember, the only way to truly nurture your writing and your creativity is to first nurture yourself

How to fall back in love with writing.

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2 thoughts on “How to fall back in love with writing.

  • Bronte Jackson

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for writing this great piece with wisdom to help us all. I found it a very timely reminder. Ever since I read Julia Cameron I have made sure i take myself on ‘artists dates’ to reconnect with my creative self on a regular basis. I am amazed how well it works every time and how i always come back refreshed and with stories bursting in my head. Because I love writing so much it often feels like an indulgence, and I know you have written about this particular problem writers experience before, so it is sometimes hard to give this time to ourselves. Reading this article has helped encourage me to continue to do so. Thanks again! Regards, Bronte

    • Lisa Clifford

      Dear Bronte,
      you are so right – whenever we take time out to care for our artist self, it feels like an indulgence. But it’s not. We are always so hard on ourselves, well, at least I am. I push myself and berate myself if I am not writing. I am so glad this article has helped you feel that you DESERVE the time off. It is Ferragosto, so am taking it easy with the writing now. But on Thursday am super into it again. Have been trying to upload a Blog on only writing 250 words a day. That too is really helping me during this summer period. When I have everyone home,
      My very best to you Bronte and thanks so much for your comment,
      It’s inspiring when I hear from you,

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