Why can’t it be you?

One of the strongest emotions I had towards the end of our magical June Art of Writing retreat in Florence this year was: Why can’t it be you? Publishers and agents are constantly scouting for new talent. They want the next wonderful book. Why can’t that book be yours?

Publishers want your work. They need you, the writer. We often think agents and traditional publishers are doing us a favour by listening to our story lines, plot twists and personal memoir journeys. Not true. Without writers learning, growing, pushing themselves, they wouldn’t have a job. Writers keep agents and publishers employed. Your unique voice sustains a whole industry.

Why can’t it be you?
Left to right. Martha Ashby: Acquisitions Editor HarperCollins UK, Lisa Clifford: The Art of Writing, Jane Corry: Penguin thriller writer and our June 2018 teacher, Matthew Ferrara: Motivational speaker and creativity workshop inspirer.

Please don’t think you are not good enough. Writing a good book/novel/memoir does take time. You can expect four, five, six drafts – sometimes many more. You can expect to send your work off then have it sent back with huge structural change suggestions. Character foundation questions or character eliminations. Plot changes. I even had one editor ask me to change the end of Death in the Mountains, only to change their mind after I’d re-written an entire ending. They preferred the original ending (grrr).

One of our earlier AoW writers finally finished her manuscript. And guess what? She’s been offered an extraordinary two book deal in Australia and New York. It took her FIVE YEARS to write her novel. How wonderful though! How extraordinary – she never believed it would happen to her but it did. I will write more about our writer’s experience in my next Blog.

Why can’t the next successful writer on the best sellers list be you?

It has to be someone.

Why can’t it be you?

2 thoughts on “Why can’t it be you?

  • Steph Kara

    I love your heart for us Lisa!! We need you. You encouraged me no end when I had almost given up. You ‘saw’ me, heard my heart and helped me focus. A thousand thank you’s my friend. xx

    • Lisa Clifford

      Dearest Steph,

      I think this is the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me. I was so chuffed I even read your comment to my daughter. She gave me a big hug after she heard it. THANK YOU! You have confirmed the purpose in my life. I love to encourage. I truly believe you have a voice that must be heard. You have a story that you must express and it’s my job to try to see that happen.
      Please let me know how your writing is going. I WILL NEVER FORGET OUR CHAT,
      much love,

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