Matthew Ferrara

Matthew Ferrara

International Speaker

I have a degree in philosophy, am an avid photographer and a business writer. My career leverages creative writing to spread new ideas using emotional examples and real-world stories from my travels around the world. As a speaker, I teach people how to apply creative and critical thinking to their lives and careers, in seminars and workshops for business people, teachers, management and executive leadership from all walks of life.  I’ve delivered events in 49 U.S. states, 16 countries and multiple languages.

At heart I’m a creative-ideas-guy and my knack is connecting the dots between various perspectives like literature, art, photography, business, history and philosophy. I’ve written over 200 articles for professional magazines and online media. My blog has over a decade of articles that use storytelling to share small lessons in life and work. Recently, I’ve been writing for international media sites, with publications on personal growth, creativity and leadership appearing across Europe and Asia.  

My favorite conversations help others express their inner beliefs through their work and writing. I grew up in Boston, went to school in Italy, earned degrees in philosophy and political economics and now live in Las Vegas. I have learned the challenging art of reinventing oneself, picking up a camera for the first time since high school a few years ago, and sparking a whole new chapter in creativity that altered my approach to speaking and writing. I learned how to connect better with readers by applying lessons from photography to my writing to capture character, scenes and emotions more effectively.


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