From Notes to First Draft: Know Your Protagonist

How well do you really know your protagonist? One very overlooked aspect of our protagonist and our story setting is the home. Do you know where your protagonist lives? How much of the story happens in your main character’s home? Do scenes unfold around the dining table or bedroom? Are you pretending to know their home? Ultimately

From Notes to First Draft with Bronte Jackson

As part of my series on moving from notes to first draft, I had the pleasure of speaking with Bronte Jackson, author of memoir Roman Daze – La Dolce Vita for all Seasons. I asked her a few questions on her note-taking process for her memoir, and I am happy to share her responses with you. 1. What was your

From Notes to First Draft: What’s at Stake

This week has been wonderful for creative writing. Perhaps the new year is settling down into a schedule, routines are resolving themselves as my family goes back to school and work. In any case, my narrative theme is coming together now. I very much hope this week has been creative for you too. We deserve

From Notes to First Draft: Scenes and Fragments

Every time I start a book, I extend, lengthen, stretch and explore the notes in my folders to create a scene. These drawn out pieces of text I call fragments. Your fragments can be two sentences, ten or fifty or one thousand. Last week I Blogged about exploring your notes and deciding what to write.

What on Earth are Writing Prompts?

Yes, well, that was the question after my last Blog about my writers prompts, coming over the next ten days. ‘Writing prompts’ mean a word or topic that jumpstarts a creative writing session. A prompt can be as broad as ‘write about a summer vacation’ or as specific as ‘Write a story about a countdown.

I am going to prompt you to write!

Let’s try ‘Writing Prompts’ to unearth buried ideas and build stronger prose. Feeling the lull of spring? Need to energize your writing? Are you keeping your New Year writing Resolutions? To start the month of April and Spring (Autumn in Australia!) I’ve decided to create a series of writing prompts, each one designed to help you

Keeping in Touch from Florence

  A merry, wonderful Christmas to you. I hope your holiday season is filled with light, laughter, peace and inner harmony. When you are happy, internally peaceful, your writing should flower. Hopefully it’s during these content, comfortable, relaxed moments that you can slip away to your writing. This message is to keep you in the

Judith Morris on writing poetry and calling yourself a writer

It wasn’t until Judith Morris completed The Art of Writing course last fall that she felt able to call herself a writer, despite having written for decades and showing up in Tuscany with 15 brand new poems to workshop. I talked to Judith about her poetry writing process, her Art-of-Writing-inspired foray into short story writing and the lessons she has applied with success in the six

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