9 tips to get your writing done for the day

Here are some of my top tips to get your writing done and avoid procrastination. I hope they are useful for you.

1. Do not answer any emails before you start creative writing! Don’t even open your email programme. Don’t be tempted to have a peek because you’ll waste time answering emails when you must get straight into your writing.

2. Do not check your Facebook page. Resist the temptation. Get straight into your creative writing head space.

3. Do not do any social networking, like Tweeting, Instagram, LinkedIn or anything. Get straight into your creative writing head space.

9 tips to get your writing done for the day

4. Take the phone off the hook (or turn it on silent). Your family and friends will know that you’re fine, just taking time out to write without being disturbed. They will understand that this is your precious time. They’ll send you a text if there’s something urgent. Phone calls distract and yank you out of your creative space.

5. Take what you’re working with you everywhere. It’s surprising how many queues can give you enough time to find the right word or phrase.

6. If you’re taking the children to swimming or their competition sport, don’t take the papers to read whilst you wait for them, take a part of the book that you’re working on.

9 tips to get your writing done for the day

7. Print the page that you left off on, and leave it on the bench in the kitchen or anywhere that you can see it. Keep it top-of-mind. Ideas will come as that page stares at you.

8. Use flashcards, or filing cards and write in large bold print what the current problem is with your work. IE: How to start chapter XYZ. Or XYZ needs a mannerism, what is it? Leave the flashcard somewhere you can see it all the time.

9. Leave the radio off in the car. Use all that driving time to think the storyline through, solve plot line problems.

When you are in the middle of a writing project like a book, it is always alive within you. You carry it with you in your soul. Always let it rest in your heart. No matter where you are what you’re doing, it is always with you. 

9 tips to get your writing done for the day

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2 thoughts on “9 tips to get your writing done for the day

  • OMG! How serendipitous was your latest blog post!! I was just ‘chatting’ on FB messenger with a fellow procrastinating writer, about what kept stopping us from sitting our butts down to write. And then my email ‘pings’ and I see the title of your email and I have to read it. I physically laugh out loud like a crazy lady and immediately send the link to her. Let me see what I can tick off your list of what to avoid: 1. Check emails – TICK. 2. Check FB – TICK. 3. Engage in social media – TICK. 4. Have my mobile switched on next to me – TICK….Oops!!! I loved the idea of printing the current page you finished on and other suggestions. Have a fab weekend. A presto. Shell.x

    • mm

      Lisa Clifford

      How good is it to hear that Shell? REALLY good!

      So happy that my last Blog came just at the right time. Sometimes I wish I could follow my own advice more rigorously. But when I am on deadline this is what I do. I also know that these are the major pitfalls for all my writer friends. Thrilled that you can take this and apply it to yourself. Makes writing a Blog worthwhile!!

      And thank YOU for writing to tell me. Sorry I am getting back to you so late, am trying to write – just know that I always read comments and that I will get back to you asap!

      Sending you all my best writing positive thoughts,


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